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Invitation to Participate in the Symposium "Vilnoja 2009"

Basic regulations

  1. The symposium of stone (granite) sculptures “Vilnoja 2009” (hereinafter referred to as the Symposium) is due to take place from May to June, year 2009.
  2. Objectives of the Symposium are the following:
    1. to promote and develop the art of natural stone in Lithuania;
    2. to promote Lithuanian and foreign sculptors and their works;
    3. to render favorable conditions for communication between sculptors.
  3. The organizer of the Symposium, Vidmantas Martinkonis (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer) is a private person.
  4. During the Symposium the sculptors will choose the topic of the granite work themselves.
  5. The Symposium will be held in the Park of Stone Sculpture set in territory of the hotel “Vilnoja”, Sudervė, Lithuania (address: Zdziechovskio street 27, Sudervė, Vilnius region, Lithuania).
  6. All sculptures produced during the Symposium shall be the property of the Organizer.

Participants of the Symposium

  1. Participants of the Symposium (sculptors) shall be selected on the basis of mutual decision made by the Organizer and the co-ordinator, with regard to the projects submitted.
  2. The Organizer undertakes to provide participants of the Symposium with materials necessary for the work.
  3. The Organizer undertakes to provide participants of the Symposium with lodging and meals.
  4. The Organizer undertakes to cover all travel expenses of the participants (economy class).
  5. Several sightseeing tours around Lithuania are organized for the participants of the Symposium.
  6. Upon completion of the work every participant of the Symposium shall receive a premium (one thousand euros).

Organization of the Symposium

  1. The Symposium is initiated by the Organizer.
  2. The organizer shall work with co-ordinator of the Symposium (hereinafter referred to as Co-ordinator).
  3. Participants of the Symposium, who have been invited and express readiness to take part in the Symposium shall prepare projects of sculptures and submit them to the Organizer till Yanuary 10, year 2009. Proposals have to be submitted in person or by registered post at Konstitucijos pr. 23 C, 216 kab., Vilnius, Lithuania or e-mailed to
  4. Projects of the sculptures are to be approved by the Organizer and Coordinator.
  5. The projects shall be evaluated taking into account the idea and originality of the project.
  6. Approval of the project grants the sculptor the right to participate in the Symposium.
  7. A separate agreement of cooperation shall be signed with each participant of the Symposium.

The Procedure of the Symposium

  1. The sculptors will arrive at the hotel “Vilnoja” at the time set by the Organizer.
  2. Sculptures must be completed within the period of four weeks.
  3. During presentation of the new works created, participants of the presentation will elect three wining sculptures, whose author shall be awarded a diploma and premium. I place – 1500 litas, II – 1000 litas, III – 500 litas.

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